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Python structure (e.g. class, object, method)

Data structure (e.g. Bool, int, str)

🐉 Dungeons & Data Structures

<aside> 🏴‍☠️ You've found yourself in a dungeon filled with traps... and treasures! Unfortunately you're not the only one here... and who knows how long these crumbling floors will hold up?


In Dungeons & Data Structures you control an explorer navigating an abandoned dungeon. Your goal is to collect as much treasure as you can within the time limit by picking up abandoned loot or destroying treasure-containing crates - while avoiding getting hit yourself!

🎲 Game Rules

<aside> 🏆 Winning conditions The winner of a game is the last bot standing, or the bot that scores the most points at the end of 180 seconds (i.e. 1800 game 'ticks'). The winner of the match is determined by a Best-of-3. Each match contains 2 players.